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Free Microsoft Word Template

Free elegant Microsoft Word Template featuring two pages, two columns, drop cap at the start of paragraphs and a script heading in black and white.

microsoft word template

This black and white document features elegrant script typography as the header and the page is divided in two columns. It uses a 12 point font in Times New Roman. Text can be changed to a different typeface. The title text is in Chopin Script which can be downloaded for free online, just search for the font name at a site like dafont.

The start of each paragraph uses a drop cap as the first letter of the sentence. If when you add your info, this setting is removed, you can select the first letter of the sentence and go to Format > Drop Cap. Then select how you want it to look. I currently have it set to Position > Dropped and lines set to 3. Increasing or decreasing this number will make the letter larger or smaller at the start of the paragraph.

The rest of this page is for you to add your article. It is justified, Times New Roman 12 point currently. You can always select the entire block of text and change the font settings. The column will carry over to the right when you get to the bottom of this row and add a line as shown in the preview. You could also insert a photo anywhere in the columns that accompanies your article.

microsoft word template DOWNLOAD the template
Size: 8.5" x 11" - standard letter paper
File Type: Microsoft Word .doc
This is a two page style that looks like a magazine or book page and you can add your own articles to it.