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Newsletter Ideas

Resources for creating fun and friendly newsletters.
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Do you want to create a fun and friendly newsletter to send to clients or family, but you just don't know where to start. First, you should figure out what you want the purpose of your newsletter to be?

Are you creating a family newsletter to keep distant relatives informed and up to date on your family's current events?

Are you a teacher creating a classroom newsletter to similar to that of a college syllabus, with a complete list of coursework for the year or quarter.

Are you a small business looking for a unique way to reach out to customers and build rapport in a more personal way?

A newsletter can provide all of these things and more. A free newsletter is a cheap and easy way to stay in contact with people, you can edit all of the free templates on this site with Microsoft Word. The style should match that of your industry, whether it be conservative, bright, entertaining, or professional. I found the best way to create a newsletter is to keep it simple and consistent. You want to have a eye-catching design and articles pertinent to your topic. You can occasionally include information outside of your subject, particularly if it is around the holidays or for a special event that is related to your target audience. Think about getting your whole family involved in the creation of a holiday letter, each child in the family can write their own stories and don't forget the pet pictures!

Have a problem coming up with content for your newsletter? You can visit a number of Free Newsletter Article Directories to find re-printable articles in all kinds of subjects to include in your newsletter. No newsletter is complete without a great Newsletter Quote, so don't forget to include one that inspires you!

Decide how often you want to send out a newsletter. Creating a monthly newsletter is a lot of work and you may need to put an individual in charge of this task because it can take several hours to create a multipage document by yourself, without any help. Quarterly or semi-annually is more doable, but for business purposes, you then loose the frequency of contact. For school newsletters at the start of the school year is the obvious choice, plus an additional update perhaps around the holidays since there are many special events that usually go on during this time. Teachers could also send one at the end of the year with an overview of the school year. You want to keep your articles light and engaging so that the reader will feel like they have something of value and pass the information around the office, the last thing you want is your information ending up in the trash can.

You can always include information on a new product, employee, or address a common problem or complaint to provide feedback. Share recipes, tips, your favorite book or movie of the moment, or information about your classroom. The possibilities are endless.