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Free Newsletter Templates for Microsoft Word

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Download free newsletter templates for microsoft word on this website. The image above shows a preview of some of the designs available. Using a premade document as a jumping off point helps eliminate the overwhelming obstacle of creating something from scratch from a blank page. This makes it easier for both the writers and graphic designers responsible for creating a professionally designed bulletin.

How to edit the Templates?

how to edit a template
When you open one of the downloads from this website. Some areas will have text placed there as filler to show you where you can input your own information. Most of the designs use text boxes to make it easier to keep the look and shape of the layout. If you have trouble fitting your information into the space provided, I suggest trying different fonts or sizes in order to fit more information. You can also try a different design that provides larger text box sections.

Why use newsletters?

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Newsletters have both personal and commercial applications. A family with a budding journalist can create a document to send to far away friends and relations at holidays or any time. Think of it as your own personal magazine or newspaper sharing your personal adventures, events, news, updates and history.

A business can use a newsletter as a marketing tool. It is a great way to subtlety market to customers in a friendly and approachable way. You can highlight new products or services that you are offering or have product stories as on page articles.

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